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ANNABEL, First Officer, A-320

“It’s so important to promote and identify black aviators and BAPN is a great network to do that.”

PAUL, Senior Manager

“Being a member of BAPN allows me to participate in the same tradition of mentoring and offering guidance to our community as we continue to establish careers in aviation.”

SOLANGE, Pilot Crew Scheduler

“BAPN is important to me because it has helped me see more people like me in the industry. This has helped me feel more conifdent as an individual knowing that there is a large and strong network of like-minded black aviation professionals that are willing to work together, help and support one another.”

ASHLEE, Dash 8 FO & Class II Flight Instructor

“It’s great to be a part of a network of professionals who seek to support and uplift each other as we do our best to navigate an industry where we find ourselves a minority.”