Anderson Family Private Flight Training: $8,000

  • The John Anderson family funds this annual scholarship, awarded in July before other scholarships, to a young aspiring BC pilot and high school student, age 15-19, who is passionate about flying. (PLEASE NOTE: Applicant must be between 15-19 years of age in order to apply.)
  • For fixed or rotary Private Pilot License only.
  • Must show some commitment to training and finishing, such as showing a dedicated interest in aviation, a commitment to complete the program, completed ground school and/or completed a minimum of 10 hours of flight training.
  • Include a recommendation letter from a Transport Canada certified flight school advising on applicant’s potential to complete the program.
  • The application must be supported by a BCAC Supporter member in good standing (either a flight school or an individual).
  • Funds will be paid in two instalments to the flight school upon receipt of invoice.
  • Award recipient will speak at the October Silver Wings Industry and Scholarship Awards Celebration about the path they have taken towards aviation and provide a training update.


Jan 15 2023 - Apr 30 2023

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