The Daniel E. Offutt Charitable Trust is offering this scholarship to a current Southeast Section 99s member in pursuit of an advanced rating, including commercial or higher certificate (other than Private, Sport, or Instrument pilot rating) that will advance her aviation career.

Additional requirements:

  • TWO (2) letters of recommendation:

1. a 99S Chapter Chair or Co-Chair; and

2. your CFI or someone who has flown with you.

  • Please make sure to include answers to all of the essay questions (see Item 4 of the Scholarship Registry application instructions), and including:
    1. Who is your aviation role model/mentor, how and why?
    2. What inspired you to get in aviation?
    3. Why would you like to receive this scholarship, and how will it impact your flight training?
    4. What are you currently doing, and how do you plan on giving back?
  • Copy of FAA written test results, if required
  • Copy of the last three pages of your logbook


  • Active member of the Southeast Section and your local chapter
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
  • Currently enrolled in a flight school. If training is completed by the time of scholarship distribution, be prepared to show proof of costs.
  • Use funds as intended by December 31, 2023.

Other information:

  • If required, be available for a short Zoom interview.
  • If awarded, the recipient is expected to thank the Daniel E. Offutt III Charitable Trust in writing.
  • If awarded, the recipient should give the chapter permission to post a photo and a brief personal biography to recognize the recipient’s achievement for the chapter’s website/newsletter.

Deadline for applications: extended to December 15, 2022 (Award notification: by January 15, 2023)

Submit application to: Marisha Falk, 99s SRQ Ladybugs Scholarship Committee (Marisha.Falk@gmail.com)


Dec 15 2022


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